How to Study for Midterms

Midterm week is only a day away at my school! I have so many exams and (unfortunately) all of them count towards my final grade. This means I HAVE TO do well on them in order to get a high mark for the class.

I take 7 classes which respectively 7 exams. I have a lot of cramming to do because a whole semesters worth of knowledge is on the test!

Here are some ways to study and resources that can benefit you and help you dominate your exam!


Re-Write Notes with Different Colored Pens/Highlighters

Pull out the flair pens and the sharpen your pencils, it is time to re-write the notes from August. I use this method when I am reviewing and I completely forgot the information. By re-writing it, it becomes fresh in your brain and you strengthen what you already know.

Creating study guides by stapling some handwritten notes is a great way to organize information and have it ready at hand to review.


I have used Quizlet all throughout middle and high school. This program works! (Disclaimer: I am not a sponsor, just a huge fan!) Quizlet allows you to create an account, create sets, and then use various ways to test yourself like flashcards and matching (and more!). This is best for vocabulary and concepts, but I also use it for my AP Art History class to remember the names of paintings and other identifiers.

What I love about Quizlet is since I use it for all my subjects, it creates a database will all my notes neatly organized and avaliable for me to pull up. Since I use Quizlet all throughout the school year, if I want to freshen up on the French revolution, I can pull up my set and study.

I would defiantly check this out, this is my favorite method of studying. 🙂


Pull out a board and some markers and keep a tissue box at hand (not for crying); by using a whiteboard you can physically involve yourself in the learning process.

Personally is I pretend I am a teacher (yes this is kind of cheesy/embarrasing but it totally works). I prop my board up, uncap my marker, and explain Meiosis and Spanish Conjugations to my self, out loud. You can do this if nobody is home or if you have some quiet time for yourself, or if your confident enough go teach your roommate or mom about Quadratics! I promise this will work, by explaining and reviewing the steps to factoring or other information you are learning, when you hear your own voice, your brain re-processes it and it strengthens your skill.


How do you study for Midterms? Have you tried any of these ways? If this article helped you, let me know! We can get through midterms together!


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