Competing In A Spartan Race

This past weekend I participated in A Spartan Race. A Spartan race is basically a run with obstacles in the way and models how Spartan’s in Ancient Greece trained and competed. I did the sprint version because it was my first time ever doing something like this! A sprint is 5 miles of obstacles and running.

To prepare, a couple months prior I lifted weights, did sprints, and kept my body in shape. If I were to do it over again, I would run 3-5 miles and more burpees!

I started my race with my team at 10:45. An hour and 44 minutes later, we crossed the finish line.

There is a lot of running, about a half mile it felt like from obstacle to obstacle.

Obstacles Encountered

  • 5-15 feet wall
  • ladder climbs
  • army crawl under barb wire
  • carrying buckets full of gravel
  • climbing up hill, coming down into cold water, repeat
  • pulling weights
  • spear throws
  • rope climbs
  • monkey bars
  • swinging hoops
  • jump over fire

These tasks seem daunting (and they were!) but being able to jump over a roaring pit of flames and sliding in the mud are some things I’ll never forget. This is a great team/famiy bonding activity and it tests your mental and physical limits.

From first hand experience, not making it all the way up the rope climb pissed me off. I was so close, but my tired arms gave out. Whenever you are not able to complete an obstacle, the consequence is 30 burpees. (Not fun!!)

I can’t wait to do another Spartan Race. They are extremely fun and make a normal race look boring. The obstacles are the best part, and completing the challenge is a victory on the battlefield.


Are you a Spartan? Tell me about your experience! And as always, thanks for reading!


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