October Playlist

I’ve decided to do monthly playlists so you can see my favorites of the month and songs that go with the season. I have had an amazing music month full of jams and I can’t wait to share them with you! These jams are in no particular order and next to the song are my favorite lyrics and/or a story that goes along with it! Check out the Spotify playlist here!

Hand Clap by The Fitz and Tantrums


This song came on in the car when I was with my friends, and our conversation stopped for 4 minutes because we were singing and dancing. It has been a popular hit in the alternative radio, and rightfully so because it is a great song to party to!




Talk Too Much by Coin


This is an upbeat, singable song. It is totally relatable and cute. I am actually going to see Coin this winter in concert! I can’t wait! Their other album is also amazing, Atlas is one of my favorites as well. Definitely go give this a listen!


Silver Tongue by Young The Giant


This song got me into Young the Giant. It’s mellow and also has an upbeat, danceable vibe. It is so fun to belt out the lyrics and sing the awkward yet suitable background vocals. I’m going to listen to some of their older albums next and I am expecting more awesome songs!

Rivers by Finish Ticket


If you have been following my blog for awhile, you already know that Finish Ticket is one of my favorite bands of all time. I am obsessed with all 20 songs they have recorded, but I have been particularly loving this under the radar gem. They actually performed it live when I saw them in concert, and I was so lucky! Please go listen to this band, any song really!

Molecules by Atlas Genius


I am obsessed with this song. The opening notes have been stuck in my head all week long. My favorite lyric is

“We’re made of molecules from the dead, we liberate inanimate objects”

I can’t wait to get into more of their music. Honestly, this entire album is great for fall and I’m going to be spinning it on repeat.

Somebody Told Me by The Killers

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-9-46-22-pm This song is great to dance to. One of the only songs I have listened to from The Killers and it has convinced me to get into more. I still don’t understand the lyrics, but thats ok because this jam is great to throw punches to the beat, especially if you are angry.

Love Me Anyways by Parachute


This song is so catchy and love the chorus. The beginning lines are addictive:

“Ain’t it funny how we hide ourselves?
We disguise ourselves
From the ones we love
Ain’t it funny how we build up walls
Just to keep them out
From the things we’ve done?”

Let’s Hurt Tonight by OneRepublic


Although I am a big OneRepublic fan, this new album was kinda a disappointment. I haven’t come back to it as much as I’d hoped, but I did enjoy this one song so I felt like I should include it. It has a catchy melody and a great vibe. It’s one of their better songs!

“They say love is pain, well darling, let’s hurt tonight”

Power By Bastille


A few posts ago, I reviewed Bastille’s album “All This Bad Blood.” My intention was so do a separate review for this album, but I have been busy and having other important posts planned (sorry). That doesn’t mean that I am obsessed with this album! I love every song on this album, and this is one that was stuck in my head all month long. I feel like there is a high school montage going on when I listen to it, and all I want to do is dance. I’ll definitely recommend more songs from this album in the future!

American Love by Small Pools


This band I recently discovered based on the #wildandfree vibe over on VNYL. Although I don’t have a record player (it’s on my wishlist!) I like checking out their site and finding new music. The intro beats are amazing, I was hooked immediately. Go give this a listen!

For You and Your Denial by Yellowcard


Did I mention that in November I am going to see THE FINAL WORLD TOUR!? Yellowcard’s album When You’re Through Thinking Say Yes is my favorite and this song is in my Top 10. The violin in the beginning is gorgeous. I am so stoked to see them this fall, but also sad because this will be the first, and last, time I will ever see them play. Stay tuned for a concert diary! 🙂

Citizens of Earth by Neck Deep


I was a huge Neck Deep fan earlier this year, and this album has recently been sneaking it’s way back into my heart. This is the ultimate pop punk album; and this opening song is great to kick and pump your fists to. Not to mention this album art is to die for!

Repeat by Young the Giant


These lyrics have been playing ON REPEAT (hehe) in my head ever since I heard it. It’s such a classic song that makes you want to sing back and hum along. My newfound love for this band has kept my October full of good songs.

Side To Side by Ariana Grande


I guess you could call this one a guilty pleasure…it is a fun song to dance to and has good sexy party vibe. I’m not a huge Ariana fan, but her latest album is her best so far. I heard this song inevitably on the radio (and it’s been popular ever since) so of course I ended up coming back to it. It’s really good if you blast the volume in your car and roll down the windows with your hair flying everywhere.

Forever Halloween by The Maine

screen-shot-2016-10-24-at-9-51-00-pmOctober wouldn’t be complete without this song (and the album for the matter of fact).  I will be listening to this album on the 31st because the title speaks for itself. It’s creepy but awesome and The Maine nailed this one right on the head. They have become one of my favorite artists of the year!





What were you rocking to this October? Lets be friends! Follow me on Spotify and Instagram so we can chat about music and life’s adventures! Thank you for reading music lovers!


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